MY NASA DATA seeking Master Teachers (Applications Due Dec 15)

MY NASA DATA team is seeking elementary, middle, and high school teachers to serve as Master Teachers on our new MY NASA DATA Advisory Board. Selected teachers will use their classroom experience and expertise to help improve the MY NASA DATA project, which provides real NASA data, lesson plans, and activities for use in classrooms. Our application for interested educators is open now.

Our (short and simple!) applications are due by December 15, 2014.

The Advisory Board will get under way in January 2015, with written reviews turned in by April 2015. Master Teachers will be asked to review two sets of lesson plans, with approximately 8 lesson plans in each set. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation from the MY NASA DATA team, and a letter of appreciation will be sent to school administrators. You’ll also be featured in a special section on the website as one of our MY NASA DATA Master Teachers. Visit the application to learn more about the details, and to apply to join us as a Master Teacher!

(Please share this announcement with your colleagues and networks. Point of Contact: Ann Martin, SSAI;

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Jan. 2015 Free online webinar! Dynamic Mars: A Virtual, Interactive Professional Opportunity for College and University Faculty

This online professional development opportunity for faculty and undergraduate instructors will provide resources for infusing Mars content and NASA discoveries in your courses – focused on introductory-level earth-science and geology courses and applicable to geomorphology, hydrology, astronomy, planetary science, astronomy, and more. This free, NASA-supported webinar opportunity consists of four, LIVE, one-hour virtual sessions: January 13, 15, 20, and 22, 2015 (Tuesdays & Thursdays, Time: 9-10 pm EST, 8-9pm CST, 7-8 pm MST, 6-7 pm PST)

Topics will include: Introduction to the rocky planet Mars, exploring Martian landscapes, evidence of water on Mars, and mysteries regarding life on Mars, NASA missions to Mars.

Project leaders/presenters:
Marjorie Chan, Professor, Department of Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah
Glen Schuster, Project Director, Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project, U.S. Satellite Laboratory

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New on the Space Place Web Site- Space Place in a Snap: Heliophysics

The sun is really, really hot. Every 1.5 millionths of a second, it releases more energy than all humans consume in an entire year. But where does all that energy come from? Space Place’s animated series “Space Place in a Snap” tackles this important question in its latest episode. Even better, it comes with a sweet poster, too!

Check it out at:

The Space Place is a NASA educational website about space and Earth sciences and technologies. It targets upper-elementary-aged-children.

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McDonald Observatory 2015 Teacher Professional Development (Application Deadline February 6, 2015)

McDonald Observatory is now accepting applications for its Summer 2015 K-12 teacher professional development workshops. McDonald Observatory will be offering four scholarship workshops during Summer 2015, all workshops will be located out at McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains in west Texas. Each workshops is a 3 day / 2 night program, scholarships cover most workshop expenses including food, lodging and program fees; participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. Available workshops begin in mid June 2015 and run through July 2015. Workshop topics vary from Solar System science, to telescopes, and cosmology.

More details for each of the workshops and the online application form can be found at:

The deadline to apply for McDonald Observatory teacher workshops is February 6, 2015.
Contact Keely Finkelstein at with any questions.

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International Competition to Name a Crater on Mercury in Honor of Messenger Mission

OPENS DECEMBER 15, 2014 (00:00 UTC) CLOSES JANUARY 15, 2015 (11:59 UTC)

The MESSENGER Team is seeking help from all Earthlings to suggest names for five impact craters on Mercury. This is a chance to immortalize an important person in the Arts and Humanities from any nation or cultural group by having a crater on the planet Mercury named in their honor! We will accept submissions beginning midnight (00:00 UTC) December 15, 2014 until January 15, 2015 (23:59 UTC). All entries will be reviewed by Team representatives and expert panels. Then, 15 finalist names will be submitted to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for selection of the 5 winners. Winning submissions will be announced by the IAU to coincide with MESSENGER’s End of Mission Operations in late March/April 2015. Full details will be available on the MESSENGER web site ( on December 12.

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NASA Know Your Earth, “Extreme Weather,” Quiz is Now Live!

The new NASA Know Your Earth, “Extreme Weather,” quiz is now live!
Test your extreme weather skills by taking the quiz at:

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Space Place 3-D Gallery

What is it like to be standing on the surface of Mars? What about floating outside a Space Shuttle or walking the surface of a massive asteroid? The Space Place can’t take you to these places, but we’ve got the second best option – 3-D images of them! Come pick up a pair of red-blue 3-D glasses and take a look at Space Place’s latest image gallery. It contains pictures from all around our solar system and from right here on Earth, too.

To view the gallery, visit:

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NASA Climate Kids – Climate Change and Drought

Drought is a serious problem – just ask the people of California. As the state approaches its fourth year of devastating drought, the importance o efficient farming continues to grow. One important thing for farmers to monitor is soil moisture. In NASA Climate Kids’ latest article, learn how a NASA mission will help farmers with this challenge, and more about droughts and climate change in general.

Check it out here:

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Student Spaceflight Experiments Program for Grades 5-14 (Inquire by Nov. 15)

(Inquire by November 15)

Mission 8 is a STEM education opportunity immersing students grade 5-14 in an authentic, high visibility research experience, where student teams design and propose real microgravity experiments to fly in low Earth orbit on the International Space Station. A 9-week experiment design competition allows students to design and formally propose an experiment, vying for space on their community’s mini-lab.

Each participating community will be provided with a microgravity research mini-laboratory capable of supporting a single experiment, and all launch services to fly it to The Space Station in Fall 2015. There is an opportunity to leverage additional programming (such as a design competition for a mission patch model) to involve more community members in the Mission 8 project.

Interested communities should inquire about the program; schools and districts should assess interest with their staff and, if appropriate, move forward with an Implementation Plan. Communities must be on board by February 16, 2015, for a nine week experiment design phase running from February 23 – April 24, 2015. Experiment selection will take place by May 28, 2015. Flight of the selected experiment to ISS is expected in Fall 2015.

For more information, visit: or contact Dr. Jeff Goldstein, SSEP Program Director at or 301-395-0770.

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The 2014 Exploring Your Universe – Family Science Day at UCLA (Nov. 16)

(November 16; 12:00pm – 5:00pm PT;  UCLA Campus – Court of Sciences)

Come visit UCLA for a day of hands-on science activities the whole family will enjoy. Taste liquid nitrogen ice cream, make your own fossil, learn about the latest space missions, and more! This year’s event will feature hundreds of interactive demonstrations and experiments that will delight children and adults alike.

For more information about Exploring Your Universe, parking, and other outreach events, visit:


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