SpaceMath@NASA – New Math Guides

Four new math guides have been released by SpaceMath@NASA:

  • Exploring the Lunar Surface (Grades 3-5): This introduction of the lunar surface is comprised of 10 problems on basic scale and proportion.
  • Exploring Planetary Moons (Grades 3-6): This collection of 22 problems includes work with proportional relationships, fractions, and temperature changes.
  • Exploring Stars in the Milky Way (Grades 6-8): These 13 problems focus on basic counting, tallying, and grouping techniques, as well as working with simple proportions.
  • Exploring the Milky Way (Grades 6-8): This collection of 30 problems introduces students to mapping the shapes of the Milky Way, and how to identify different kinds of galaxies in our universe.
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