GLOBE Climate Projects for the Classroom

GLOBE currently has three ongoing climate projects for the classroom:

Surface Temperature Field Campaign (12/1-12/31): The Surface Temperature Field Campaign, held annually since 2006, focuses on the impacts of snow on Earth’s temperature. GLOBE partner Dr. Kevin Czajkowski and researchers at the University of Toledo will engage as many GLOBE students as possible to take surface temperature observations during the month of December.

Great Global Investigation of Climate (12/1-12/31): This global investigation focuses on defining local climate through GLOBE protocols and the student inquiry question “What is my climate and how has it changed?” Students are asked to collect and enter temperature and precipitation data in the GLOBE database, and investigate how to classify local weather and climate using these atmospheric data.

GLOBE Phenology and Climate Project (9/01/12-6/30/13): No matter where you live, now is the time to observe and measure budbursts and green-up/green-down; air temperature; precipitation; soil temperature and soil moisture. Once the data has been collected, the information is entered into the GLOBE database. This is a great way to take part in the GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign.

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